Former Houserocker Debuts with "Strong Way"
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, May 18, 2017

"Reisman's first album of original material features a genre-defying mix of songs recorded with some of the area's best musicians" Tribune Review, May 16, 2017

"Sure, there are traces of Marc's past influences in the blues/rock vein on this disc, but check out the tracks "House of a Hundred Souls," "Broken Glass" (a narrative that echoes Beat Poetry), "TV Eyes," and "Strong Way" for a portal into the eclectic mind of a true musical and lyrical craftsman."
Larry Germack, MVD Entertainment

“Without [Marc Reisman] the rock and roll attorney, it just isn’t the Iron City Houserockers or any other Houserockers for me…he is the official soft drink, the straw that stirs the drink, and more importantly, the sound of the Decade-rockin’…Houserocker fans.  That harp is like a time machine that sends you back to 1980 and wishing you still had that friggin Pinto that wouldn’t start when it rained.  Wow…thank you Marc.”
Hank Spicer, Joe Grushecky and the Houserockers Guest Book, March, 2009

“Finding a harmonica player who could play [composer Ricky Ian] Gordon’s demanding part proved challenging for the company.  Marc Reisman, formerly with the Houserockers, was tapped to play both harmonica and bass harmonica.”
Pittsburgh Opera, “The Grapes of Wrath,” November, 2008

“Ernie Hawkins…was perfectly backed by another great of North American music, Marc Reisman, whose harmonica contributed to enhance the acoustic blues of Hawkins, just as it has done many times with musicians of Bruce Springsteen’s charisma.”
Diario de Avila (Spain), November, 2006

“Marc tailors his playing to beautifully fit the moods of Grushecky’s grownup blue collar themed songs.  He finds just the right feel for each song.  It’s a pleasure to hear harp in this context.  Pick up a copy [of “True Companion”] if you want to hear how to make harp sound just right in a rock band.”
Rosco Selley (of Maybe August ),  April, 2004

“Special touches like the dual percussion and harmonica player Marc Reisman’s fantastic solos…give the Houserockers’ live shows a distinctive edge.”
Asbury Music, February, 2004

“Bruce’s [Springsteen] buddies, the Houserockers, rev up and turn ‘Light of Day’ into a wicked country stomp, with Marc Reisman’s harmonica sparring with Grushecky’s growl.”
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, September 2003

[On “Down The Road Apiece – Live,”], “Marc Reisman brings his torching harmonica to two vintage cuts, ‘Dance With Me’ and ‘Blood On The Bricks,’ and to the sinister grooves of ‘How Long.’”
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, October, 1999

“…Marc Reisman is one of the few essential harmonica players in Pittsburgh.”
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, July 1997

“As the charismatic and virtuosic harmonica player for the Iron City Houserockers, Marc Reisman locked in a reputation as one of the finest blues rockers in Pittsburgh, as well as the national scene.”
In Pittsburgh, September, 1990

“[On the Pep Boys’ recording of Bo Diddley’s ‘Roadrunner,’] the thunderous backbeat, propelling and funky guitar riff and Reisman’s powerful blues harp beg you to dance.”
The Daily Collegian, April, 1987

“[In the Pep Boys,] Reisman holds the spotlight with his singing, stage antics and Chicago-style harp solos.”
The Pittsburgh Press, December, 1986

“Reisman – bald head, shades, smoldering harp, the table-stomping showman of the Iron City Houserockers.”
In Pittsburgh, February, 1986

[In “Blood on the Bricks,”]  “Grushecky tells the story of one young tough’s slip into the abyss, while Marc Reisman’s harmonica snarls and the group thrashes out gritty, barroom rock & roll.”
Rolling Stone, February, 1982

“The Iron City Houserockers’ new album, ‘Have A Good Time…But Get Out Alive,’ earns them a permanent place in the hallowed hall of the immortals.”
Creem, 1980

“Energetic harmonica player Marc Reisman generated sheer exuberance when he ventured boldly into the audience on [Chuck Berry’s] ‘Around & Around’…Throughout the show, Reisman was the spark that fueled the band to its best.”
The Pitt News, September, 1979

“One of the Houserockers’ more memorable covers was of the J. Geils Band’s ‘Whammer Jammer,’ led by Marc Reisman’s exciting harmonica blowing and stage theatrics.”
Cashbox, 1978

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