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Marc Reisman

Strong Way Spring 2017
Gimme a Beat!(EP) 2011

With The Pep Boys

Live at the Decade : "Boom Boom Out Go The Lights" 1990
"Bring It On Home" b/w "Roadrunner" 45rpm Single 1987

With The Iron City Houserockers

Love's So Tough MCA Records 1978
Have A Good Time But Get Out Alive MCA Records 1980
Blood On The Bricks MCA Records 1981
Pumping Iron & Sweating Steel: The Best of the Iron City Houserockers Rhino Records 1992

With Joe Grushecky and the Houserockers

Down The Road Apiece (Live) 1999
5 Alive In Spain (DVD) 2004
True Companion 2002
"Light of Day" on Light of Day: A Tribute to Bruce Springsteen 2003

With Bill Toms and Hard Rain

"Satan's On My Shoulder" on The West End Kid 2005
"Piece Of The Good Life" on Chaos and a Troubadour's Soul 2008
"Hold On" on Memphis 2011

With Ernie Hawkins

"Bluesified" on Bluesified 2009
"Mean Little Poodle" on Mean Little Poodle 2002
"Texas Easy Street" and "Avalon" on Rags & Bones 2006
"Vicksburg Blues" and "Shuffle Rag" on Whinin' Boy 2010

With The Core

"World Citizenship" b/w "Cry Love" (On Alto Sax) 45rpm Single 1983
The Core EP (On Alto Sax) Cassette 1984

With Jill West & Blues Attack

“Rock You Down” and “Miss Celie’s Blues” on Face Full of Blues 2001

With Anthony Rankin

“Trusted” on Cages of Fire 2006
"Since You've Been Gone" on The Distance 2007
“Perfect Ten" on Blow This House Down 2010

With Peter King

“Don't Play That Song" "Let's Go For a Ride" and "Somebody Else's July" on Dancing On A Long Leash 2009

With Los Madison (Madrid, Spain)

“Recibi Un Disparo" on Vendeval 2009

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